Slowly getting there!

Hi Guys and Gals!
It’s only Tuesday and it’s already crazy! So far yesterday I’ve phoned up and down the European continent looking for Literary Agencies that actually work with foreign artists.
Not let me share with you how that went…

First of all, there’s not many. RandomHouse is one of the few and then there are the little obscure ones but most of them don’t want to venture out into children’s books.
I’m a South African, living in Africa and if I get an opportunity to work with one of these agencies, moving to Europe (Germany or Sweden) would be so much easier!
I spent an hour on the phone with a lovely German older lady, she was funny and helpful and she gave me some great tips… Screw Holland!!! I phoned almost every literary agent and publisher in Holland and they all just don’t want to hassle with foreigners.
Ironically, I am of dutch descent!

But then Little Tiger press! oh man! The lady was so funny and we talked about so much shit that had nothing to do with Illustration, but it was nice! So I have to do some Illustrations of scenes with kids and a whole list of other stuff too and then mail it to them!!! so cool!

So, I’m working on some scenes with kiddo’s and getting my styles and stuff just right.
I’m still waiting for the Swedes to come back from holiday and stuff but I’m sure I’ll get there soon…
I’ll just keep annoying Europeans till they let me in!


I’m not the greatest and I know that, But I’m good-ish and getting there!


Keep pushing!

Sasha Richards out.


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